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Earn reward points on every purchase. Redeem for discounts on future purchases.

Whiskey Bucks & Referral FAQs

General Rewards FAQs

How can I sign up for Whiskey Bucks rewards? 

Signing up is easy, you can sign up here.

Existing customers: Click on the Rewards icon on your screen's bottom right-hand corner and log in to your account.

New customers: Create a Whiskey Skies Rewards account to start earning points and redeeming rewards.

Where can I see how many Whiskey Bucks I have?

You are able to see your rewards in your account at any time. Your account is only viewable on our website, but any time that you are at the checkout screen, whether on the website or app, you will see your available Whiskey Bucks above the Order Summary.

If you have enough Whiskey Bucks to redeem a reward you will be able to do it from there as well.

Do my Whiskey Bucks expire? 

Yes, unredeemed Rewards expire 1 year after being issued.

I returned an item and my Whiskey Bucks decreased, what happened? 

You earn Whiskey Bucks when you purchase an item, and if you return that item the Whiskey Bucks are returned too. 

Can I have multiple accounts or transfer rewards to another account?

No, you can only have one Whiskey's Secret Society account and one login. Only one account will be associated with your rewards, and you cannot combine email accounts or transfer rewards from one account or email to another. 

Earning & Redeeming Whiskey Bucks

How/Where do I redeem my Whiskey Bucks? 

When you are at the checkout screen, whether on the website or app, you will see your available Whiskey Bucks above the Order Summary.

Once you reach a rewards threshold, you can select to apply that reward to your order. You will receive a coupon code that will automatically show up in your shopping cart.

For example: if you have 1000 Whiskey Bucks, you can select a $10 off coupon and you will see it in your shopping cart. It's that easy!

Remember, once you reach a rewards threshold you can use your Whiskey Bucks right away, or you can wait and accumulate them to spend on a larger purchase!

Whiskey Bucks cannot be used to purchase a Whiskey Skies gift card. 

There are lots of ways to redeem your rewards, you can see all the information here.

I just placed an order, when will I get my Whiskey Bucks? 

Rewards points will show up in your account typically within 1 hour after checkout.

How can I earn rewards from leaving a review?

We will invite you to leave reviews 1 week after your order gets delivered. To receive Whiskey Bucks, you must use the unique link sent to your email address and leave a review through that link. Points will only be rewarded by using this unique link.

While you can leave as many reviews as you would like, rewards have a few limitations:

  • Text reviews rewards are limited to once a week.
  • Video or photo rewards are limited to once a month.
My birthday is next week, can I still sign up for birthday Whiskey Bucks?

You have to sign up for birthday rewards at least 30 days before your birthday. Missed it this year? That's ok, you'll get them next year! 

I have some Whiskey Bucks, do I have to use them right away, or can I save up for a bigger reward? 

Once you reach a rewards threshold, you can use your Whiskey Bucks right away, or save them until you have a larger amount saved, it is completely up to you!

I placed an order and used my Whiskey's Secret Society Rewards, If I return the order, can I get my rewards back?

If you place an order and use your Whiskey Bucks, rewards, or Friend Referral Code and then return the order, your rewards cannot be re-issued.  All rewards have a one-time use. 

Are there limitations on earning points?

Reward points for purchases are given based on actual item prices only. Taxes, shipping, and purchases made with a Whiskey Skies gift card or account credit are not eligible to earn rewards.

Any rewards given for an item will be deducted if the item is returned.

Referral FAQs

My family and friends want to shop with you, do you offer a referral program? 

Yes! We would love for you to share your love (and your referral code) for Whiskey Skies with your friends! Once logged in to rewards, you can copy your unique code, and send it to your friends. Hint: you can even post it on your personal social media account for your friends to use! 

If your friend has NEVER shopped with us before and they use your code on their first order, they will receive 15% off their first order and you will receive a one time code for 15% off any order.

The more friends you refer, the more rewards you'll earn! 

I gave my friend a referral code and they placed an order but forgot the code, can I still get my Referral Reward? 

In order to redeem the code, it must be used at the time of purchase, we're not able to adjust their total or apply your reward if the code was not used.