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Vodka Cocktail Infusion Packets (6 Flavors)

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A selection of all-natural, botanical 1pt Cocktail Infusion Packs. Each Pack contains a 1pt Infusion Blend Packet (enough for 6+ cocktails) and a QR-code link to recipes, handy How-To's, and cocktail hour Spotify playlists.

CHILI SALTY DOG ~ it doesn't get much simpler than this... or more delicious! Let the balanced (manageable) heat of the Chili infusion, with its salty sencha, settling citrus, and spicy mix of pink peppercorn and chili flakes, do all the work. Just infuse and mix in some fresh grapefruit juice and you're good to go. It's the shizzle.

MINTED MARTHA ~ crisp and refreshing. Based on the classic Cape Codder vodka cocktail, we introduce a bit of mouth-tingling infused mint, earthy Long Jing Green Tea, tangy Lemongrass, and peppery ginger to go alongside cranberry and lime. Even when you can't make it to the Cape, Martha will keep summer in your glass all year long!

MOCHA MARTINI ~ as the legend goes, a cocktail invented to ‘wake you up, and @#$%& you up’ in equal measure. While we always counsel moderation, there is no denying the galvanizing effect of this eye-opening combination of vodka, coffee, and - in this case - subtle, velvety chocolate. Take that, Early-Night-In!

ORCHARD MULE ~ when the cold weather sets in, things can feel a bit heavier. The food is richer, the sky is darker, and every once in a while it’s nice to lighten things up. The Orchard Mule is a welcome breath of fresh air with its combination of clarifying ginger, fresh lemon, and crisp apple. Nice and cool!

ROSSA MIMOSA ~ the ideal brunch companion. A luxurious infusion mingling of tart hibiscus and rich Mediterranean citrus are the perfect complement to fresh orange juice and sparkling white wine. When your guests ask your secret, take the credit. We won’t tell...

CINNAMON NEGRONI ~ truly exceptional. The balanced notes of our cinnamon infusion, with its layered golden supporting flavors of apple, orange, and ginger, nestle perfectly into the tart sweetness of the Campari and Red Vermouth that define this cocktail. The peppery-ness of the cinnamon itself is an ideal complement to the crackle of a bright, clear gin. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of a whole new world of cocktails. And if I were you, I'd start right here.

GINGER BEE'S KNEES~ a classic from the Prohibition era, the Bee’s Knees (old school slang for the Best of the Best) was invented in Paris as a riff on the standard Gin Sour’s gin + lemon, with honey instead of sugar. The tradition of adaptation continues here with delicious infused notes of ginger and elderflower. Beeeelightful.

MARRAKECH LEMONADE ~ pure ambrosia. Actually modeled after the famous North African confection of the same name. Rich cacao and cardamom support aromatic floral notes of rose and hibiscus redolent of the ancient Silk Road. A simple combination of infused gin with lemonade (either built or bought) makes for a cocktail with a layer of old-world sophistication.

BAJA MARGARITA ~ ...lime + tequila + agave = a magic combination, no doubt. Our 1pt Lime Infusion adds additional depth and complexity with notes of rounding Lemongrass, botanical Rosehip and Mt Olympus Flower, paying homage to the original invented in Baja, CA in the 1930s.

FIRECRACKER MARGARITA ~ light the fuse and stand back! Don’t worry, the chili heat in this gourmet infusion won’t explode, but with its subtle mix of salty Sencha, tangy citrus, and carefully constructed spiciness, this is one margarita that will go off with a BANG.

SMOKY MARGARITA ~ no fire here, just plenty of subtle infused smoky flavor derived from a complex stack of black teas and ethereal citrus-y bergamot that perfectly complements the natural earthiness of tequila and the tart tang of fresh lime in this elevated form of the classic Margarita. A sure-fire favorite!

SPICY PALOMA ~ an afternoon refreshment from the Mexican Yucatan, typically mixed using cane sugar grapefruit soda which provides all the sweetness you could want. Our Chili infusion bolsters the tequila with the right amount of spice and rounds out this classic combination of sweet, salt, heat, and citrus.

ISLAND MULE ~ if a minty Mojito and a gingery Moscow Mule joined forces, this is what you’d get. An inventive mash-up that combines gourmet mint with the rich sweetness of rum, the quirky tanginess of lime, and the peppery kick of ginger. A great drink that will keep your glass on island time all year long!

LOVE SHACK ~ lush and lovely. Tiki is back, and this paired down mash-up of island flavors will leave you looking for a local luau. It's a marriage of chocolate and rum with pineapple and lime that combines rich sweetness with refreshing citrus tang.

NO-MUDDLE MOJITO ~ ...if you’re in Havana and you order a Mojito, it will arrive muddled to perfection. But when you’re home and hankering for this Cuban cocktail classic, let’s put muddling to the side and concentrate on flavor. Gloriously, and simply, presented here for your enjoyment. No muddling required.

SANTIAGO DAIQUIRI ~ Hemingway: author and daiquiri drinker. This simple riff on the classic lemon/lime Hemingway Daiquiri benefits from gourmet infused layers of lemongrass, lemon verbena, ginger, and yerba mate. A fine drink. Under the sun, as the bells toll, or - probably best - quietly, nearby the deep blue sea.

BARREL OLD-FASHIONED ~ infused notes of wood and leather with subtle hints of island spices form the perfect complement to this cocktail classic, whether you prefer rye or bourbon. Keep it simple while adding just a little bit of unexpected aromatic luxury to your next at-home OF.

GINGER SOUR ~ a perfect peppery pairing: ginger and Irish whiskey. This cocktail is proof positive that the subtlest of changes can achieve amazing results. One of our all-time team favorites, and nothing more than a bit of ginger, elderflower, lemon, and the natural brittle elegance of Ireland's finest. Sláinte is Táinte!

MANHATTAN TRANSFER ~ great balance. You know, like you need strap-hanging on the Uptown Express. In this case, it’s about the sweetness of the whiskey and the vermouth offset by the gourmet tartness of the cherries and smoky infused notes of subtle-citrusy bergamot. A dash of orange bitters evens it all out. Next stop, Flavortown.

SMOKEHOUSE LEMONADE ~ smoky and soothing. This combination of robust dark tea richness with the mature sweetness of whiskey is a match made in heaven. Lemony tartness adds a pleasing flavor dimension that tastes as good in the late afternoon on the front porch as it does in the evening just before dinner.

VANILLA BLVD ~ based on the classic Boulevardier, we infuse gourmet vanilla flavor notes along with complementary island spices that serve to round the whiskey, deepen the sweet vermouth, and enhance Campari's elegant orange-citrus richness. If you like the original, you're going to love this infused variation.

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