24 Days of Xmas: Everything You Need to Know

24 Days of Xmas

Get ready to jingle all the way because our 12 days of Christmas just got a major upgrade – it's now the 24 Days of Fun Extravaganza! 🎉 Dive into the holiday spirit and snag those last-minute gifts that will sleigh the season. And wait for it – we're feeling extra generous and giving away a whopping 25 amazing items! It's not just a celebration; it's a festive fiesta with gifts, goodies, and a sleigh-load of fun! 🎁✨ Don't miss out on the merriment – join us for 24 days of festive frolics and fabulous freebies! 🎄🌟

Ready for the inside scoop on how the holiday magic unfolds? It's as easy as one, two, tree (yes, we're adding a festive touch)! For every item you snag, you score an entry into our dazzling drawing. But hold onto your tinsel because there's more! 🌟 Want bonus entries? We've got the secrets to sprinkle extra chances your way. And the best part? No purchase necessary – because spreading joy should be as effortless as decorating your tree! 🎄✨ So, join the fun, grab those entries, and let the holiday excitement begin! 🎁🎉

✨ Entry Period: December 1st - 24th
✨ Gifts will be drawn after Christmas

✨ Every ITEM purchased on our website gets 1 Entry
✨ Every item purchased from the app gets 2 Entries 
✨ Every ITEM from our December Drops gets 3 Entries (Website or App) 
✨ Every item purchased from our Live Shows get 3 Entries
RSVP HERE For 1 Entry
✨ Fill out THIS FORM for up to 8 Entries 

Dive into festive surprises with our Daily December Drops on the Whiskey Skies app! 📲✨ Visit the '24 Days of Xmas' tab or our website collection for items worth triple entries! 🎁🎉🌟

What are these drops? Holiday Bustle, End of Year Inventory and I need some Me time... so Instead of disappearing, I am bringing you new releases every single day in December! App Family gets dibs first! Make sure you have notifications on to make sure you get all the new arrivals!

✨ Pebble Ice Maker
✨ Shark FlexStyle
Ninja Dual Pro Coffee System
✨ Ninja Creami
Samsung Galaxy Tablet
iRobot Roomba
Foot Massager
Back Massager
$250 Whiskey Skies Gift Card
$150 Whiskey Skies Gift Card
Insert Name Here Hair Waver
Insert Name Here Blow Dryer Brush
Towel Warmer
Bling Shoe of Your Choice
Bling Shoe of Your Choice
Judy Blue of Your Choice
Judy Blue of Your Choice
Water Flosser
Heatless Curlers
✨ Swig
✨ Swig
✨ Swig
✨ LoveHandle Bundle
✨ LoveHandle Bundle
✨ LoveHandle Bundle


When does the Judy blue sale end? I don’t get paid till Wednesday.

Lisa Norton

Amazing boutique! Never an issue.. always willing to go the extra mile!

Michelle Sheldon


Madee Leombruno

Thank you for being The best boutique on Earth!

Margo Laroque

I also want to RSVP to the coast boutique around!!

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